MeWe Tips

Tip #1 - RELAX - Breathe before you speak. When you feel yourself getting heated - STOP! Take three deep breathes and remember why you are speaking. 

Tip #2 - COMMIT - Go on a date night once a week. Carve the time out like you would a doctors appointment or a business meeting. SHOW UP! It's fun and you will begin to connect on a more intimate and honest level.

Tip #3 - LISTEN - MEN turn off the TV and put your laptops down! Focus on the conversation at hand, capture the moment.  It will boost HER trust in YOU. 

Upcoming Events

For Men: Coming Summer 2015

The Reconnection and Healing Workshop for Men

Kingston, MA

Investigates origins of adult dysfunctional behavior and teaches you strategies to achieve healthy relationships. Finding a healthier me.

Upcoming PMI 
"Personal Mastery Intensive"
April 9-12 2015

Women's Survivors Workshop


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MeWe Thoughts

Life is short smell the Roses

Are You Living the Life You Want?


  • Are you ready to change old ways into new
  • Hold yourself accountable for actions good or bad 
  • Take a chance on your true potential
  • Create a new slate  
- Find the Answers Within Yourself 


The Time is Now To Begin Your New Life Journey

Lauren's life and relationship coaching strategy is about empowering you to make fundamental changes through discovery and collaboration. Through self-awareness and reconnection, Lauren helps to build a better, healthier and happier "Me" and "We".  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________